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towerThe Cedar Knox Rural Water Project was started in 1977 mainly because of the water quality in northern Cedar and Knox counties. Ground water was high in sulfates and hardness; in some areas the hardness was as high as 40 grains and dissolved solids up to 789 ppm. A few areas also had quantity problems. A suitable ground water source within the service area could not be located. The surface water treatment plant in the then bankrupt Devils Nest Development was purchased. Lewis & Clark Lake is the water source.


Work on the distribution system and refurbishing the treatment plant began on April 21, 1981 and the first water went out to the customers on October 1st of that same year. At that time, 165 miles of pipe and one booster station served 283 rural users and two towns (Crofton & St Helena).


Three additions have been made to the original project since 1981. We now serve over 750 services connections, 4 villages, 3 housing subdivisions, Gavin’s Point Dam offices and campgrounds, Lakeview Golf Course and Lewis & Clark State Recreation Area. The project goes as far east as Obert and south to the edge of Hartington with a total of 378 miles of pipeline. The system has a total storage capacity of 579,000 gallons: 3 storage tanks, 2 clearwells, 4 booster stations and 7 pressure reducing stations. The system is computer monitored 24 hours a day to allow remote control of the plant and distribution system.



The treatment plant uses the excess lime treatment process to clarify the water pumped from Lewis & Clark Lake. This process also softens the raw water down to between 6 to 8 grains hardness.


awardCedar Knox has passed water quality tests required by Dept of Health. Yearly we are required to publish the Consumer Confidence Report which lists our water test results for the previous year. We have been working to reduce the TTHMs (total trihalomethanes) to bring their numbers down to the new health standards. Carbon filtration was recently added to help with this as well as taste and odor. We are also working with various chemists to attain even lower TTHM’s which may involve changing our treatment process. The water is also fluoridated and chlorinated.


See Total THM Violation

Our system is operated by a limited number of personnel thanks to our telemetry system monitoring the treatment process 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This automated computer system gives the capability to operate and monitor the system from anywhere. Gary Eckmann is a Dept. of Health Certified Grade II water system operator. Nathan Fischer, Chad Reifenrath, and Cope Clark are Grade IV certified operators. The system is required to have at least one Grade II operator and all staff are working towards the necessary certification to attain the Grade II certification. To achieve these certifications they are required to attend certification classes and continue to attend operator training classes to maintain these certifications and to educate themselves on current treatment regulations.


To search water quality test results go to the Public Water Supply Systems Search website.


Terry Johnson

Project Manager

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Gary Eckmann

Plant Technician


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Plant Technician


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Field Technician


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