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Each spring the Lewis & Clark NRD plants and/or distributes trees for conservation purposes including windbreaks, shelterbelts, wildlife habitat, firewood plantations, and Christmas trees. Orders are taken beginning in the fall for delivery the following spring. Trees must be paid for in advance. Several species are offered including conifers, deciduous trees, and wildlife shrubs.


If you want to plant a tree belt this year please contact your local NRCS office or the Lewis & Clark NRD office. The NRCS assists in designing a tree planting and information on available cost share programs. If you are wanting to plant trees yourself and do not need cost share you can contact the Lewis & Clark NRD or use our online request form.  Deadline for all tree orders is March 31st.


Trees Available


Evergreen: Eastern Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Jack Pine, Norway Spruce, Southwestern White Pine, Black Hills Spruce
Deciduous: Hackberry, Honeylocust, Cottonwood, Black Walnut, Red Oak, Bur Oak, Amur Maple, Swamp White Oak, Silver Maple, Kentucky Coffee Tree
Shrubs: Golden Currant, American Plum, Amur Maple, Skunkbush Sumac, Buffaloberry, Chokecherry, Cotoneaster, Cranberry, Elderberry, Lilac, Caragana, Red Osier Dogwood, Honeysuckle, Serviceberry, False Indigo, Chokeberry, Golden Currant, Hazelnut, American Hazelnut

For Descriptions and Pictures of trees available go to:


Things to Remember:

The landowner is responsible for site preparation including flagging, discing, roto-tilling, ripping, or chiseling. If the site is in any kind of sod, roto-tilling will be the only option. If the landowner is purchasing weed barrier the landowner will need to line up a weed barrier installer (call office for listing of installers). 8-10’ wide strips will need to be prepared for proper installation.


Expect to pay for the trees and weed barrier at the time a tree plan is drawn up. Tree planting services will be billed after the trees are installed.


Cost share is Reimbursement Only. Hang on to all bills and receipts.





$ 0.90/tree plus tax

sold only in bundles of 25 for handplant orders.


$0.73/tree plus tax

minimum charge is $225.00

($3.00 round trip go back charge on planting)

Weed Mats $3.00 for a 4’x4’ mat plus tax (includes 5 staples)
Weed Barrier $200.00 for a 500’ X 6’ roll plus tax
Other Costs Weed Barrier Installation by others
Cost Share Limitations Minimum Amount $100
Other Costs Weed Barrier Installation by others



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