Full time employee Resource Technician in Hartington, NE. Office and field duties; water quantity and quality monitoring, chemigation, watershed project maintenance, certified irrigated acre coordination. Farm background and computer skills will be necessary. Applications forms available Lewis & Clark NRD (402) 254-6758. Deadline is July 17, 2014


The Lewis and Clark NRD has drafted a Plan to Protect Groundwater Quantity

The Lewis and Clark NRD Board of Directors and staff have drafted rules and regulations to protect groundwater quantity across the District.  Recent increases in irrigation development, increased potential for groundwater use, and drought prompted development of the new rules and regulations to monitor, enhance, and protect the resource.

- View proposed Appendix to the Lewis and Clark NRD Rules and Regulations

- View Proposed Groundwater Quantity Rules and Regulations for LCNRD


If you would like to review the original GWMP and the subsequent revisions they are available “here”.



Cedar-Knox RWP - Annual Water Quality Report

View Report



The Lewis and Clark NRD offers 75% cost share to landowners in the Bazile GWMA for deep soil samples of acres to be planted to a non-legume crop.

- Click here for more information on the program.

- Click here for a cost share application



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CKRWP - Emergency Numbers

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 Office: 402-254-6758